Project Principal Investigators
Integrating multi-scale connectivity and brain architecture in a large-scale computational model of the human cerebral cortex Sacha Jennifer Albada, Timo Dickscheid, Claus C. Hilgetag
The dynamic connectome underlying language in the brain Alfred Anwander, Gustavo Deco, Angela Friederici, Thomas Reiner Knösche
Human microstructural connectomics: Computational modelling and validation with histology and CLARITY (MICO-MRI) Alfred Anwander, Stefan Geyer, Markus Morawski, Siawoosh Mohammadi
High resolution connectivity analysis of the dor-sal mouse gyrus dentatus in health and epilepsy Heinz Beck, Ulrich Kubitscheck, Karl Martin Schwarz
Disentangling the computational modules of the inner retina Phillip Berens, Thomas Euler
Inference of synaptic connectivity form contrast-invariant orientation tuning in the early visual system: Computational network analyses and experimental measurements Laura Busse, Tatjana Tchumatchenko
Functional connectomics of the binocular optic flow processing circuit in zebrafish Winfried Denk, Fumi Kubo
Multi-scale analysis and computational modeling of intrinsic coupling modes in the ferret brain Andreas K. Engel, Claus C. Hilgetag
Connectome based modelling to reveal multi-scale mechanisms in stroke Christian Gerloff, Petra Ritter
Clinical Connectomics: A network approach to deep brain stimulation Fred Henrik Hamker, Andrea Kühn, Henrik Walter
Computational connectomics of the cockroach circadian clock Hanspeter Herzel, Monika Stengl
Predicting Anatomically Realistic Cortical Connectomes using Statistical Inference Hans-Christian Hege, Jakob Macke, Marcel Oberlaender
The dynamic connectome: keeping the balance Matthias Kaschube , Simon Rumpel, Jochen Triesch